Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unwanted Childhood Friends ;_;

This post is dedicated to all the childhood friends in anime that the main character would be perfect for, but then never get any action. No love for childhood friends~ This post is dedicated to Rihoko from Amagami SS, and Manami from Oreimo. They are both so lovable and cute and have more right to be with the main character then anyone in the series. Time is on their side yet no one cares.

First of all, Rihoko! So cute and squishy, and the only one in Amagami NOT to get with the main character! I waited months for her arc and when it finally comes cuteness ensures yes, but no ending of everlasting love. I was so mad! The most physical contact they had was her noming a finger as opposed to Ai who threw herself naked at Junichi. At least she's still pure... but still, poor Rihoko ;_;

And now Manami, also sweet and lovable but no love for her. She does her best but because she has childhood friend status she goes almost entirely unnoticed. I always sympathize with these types of characters and now more so when I myself now kinda feel like them. You try your best but get thrown aside. Sucks to get "friendzoned" ;_; Sorrow and heartbreak~~~


  1. I felt really bad for these two as well. It seemed to me that Rihoko was implied to have gotten her GOOD END in the future but that it would just take a little longer, but even so I was disappointed. And Manami was also adorable and not afraid to be more direct about things either.

    They were two of my favorite, maybe my two favorite overall, characters to come out of last season. I guess I kind of realized my love for the osananajimi archetype last season, it's a shame that these two didn't get the endings they deserved. Shinn wrote on the topic recently, and a while back I wrote a post myself on an analysis of childhood friend tactics if you're interested.

  2. Yeah, as you can tell I was really frustrated too. I think its just cruel. Thanks for the input. I'll take a look on your thoughts about childhood friends. :)