Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RAGE and Sadness... and a Feeling of Inadequacy.

Well, I feel like I have to vent so I'm going to do it via Blogger. So in the past two or three months I've had no successes. Its just a downward spiral created by rejections, denial and just plain pessimistic thinking. Colleges I've applied to have started to send out acceptances/denials and denials seem to love me. Theres still some that I'm waiting to hear back on so my fingers are crossed.
And remember how I was so excited for Anime X maid cafe? Well yup, you guessed it, denied!~ I tried my best so no regrets. But still, still feels bad... makes me feel unattractive. I thought I had some things going for me but I guess not...
Also, my love life has rejection stamped all over it. I don't really want to get into detail with this but thought I'd mention it just to show how many aspects of life I've been denied.
I just need one thing to make me feel better but I guess I just have to try my best and wait on this one. Only time will tell and in the mean time I'll play some games and watch some anime until I get my mind off of it :)

Guess I'll listen to some Kanon-chan♥ for now. :)


  1. just keep trying, once you hit botton the only way left is up. im sure things will cheer up.

    also i love kanon-chan!.

  2. When there's a down there's bound to be something better on the horizon, just keep rollin.

  3. like @conor said, keep rollin. & listen to that Kanon-chan! CHEER UP!

  4. Don't give up! Keep on trying and something good will happen eventually!

  5. I've gone through some periods like that in my life. It will turn round.

  6. Thanks guys :') I'm trying to cheer up and this sure does make me feel better!♥

  7. I totally understand! But whoever is rejecting you, its their loss! You are a very special person, and there the one's missing out, not you!

    I love how anime can totally brighten up my day too!

    Don't give up! You are loved!


  8. @SailorStar91 Thanks for the support :]