Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Day 0 is tomorrow, and I'll be over there for 5 days!! :DDD

When I get back expect pictures of cosplay and my time working for the tabletop department.

By the way, one of my costumes is an outfit made of Yugioh cards 0.o

Also, I am so freaking excited I don't know what to do with myself xD I'll most likely be on Dueling Network until 12:00 tomorrow when I leave xD

If you see me, say hi :]

Seee yaaaaaaa :D ♥

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy Vacation!!~~~ (Wat do? 0.o)

Havent done much these past few days. Mostly lay around and enjoy the summer weather :) I've been getting back into the MMORPG Luna.... meh, gonna play it moderatly. If anyone plays, I'm on crescent server and I go by VanessaHatake. I've also been watching Dexter.... I'm on the 4th season :D

I'll probably try to go to locals this Saturday and spread the word about Anime Expo . Its a few days away! Can't believe its finally here. I will be working at the tabletop gaming room (as I've said before) and I hope to see a lot of you there and duel you :) And, if you beat me during one of the events, you might get a prize (or so I've been told by my manager) .

Also, I've been thinking about the cosplay situation. I have an Anime Expo uniform but my managaer said it was cool if I wanted to cosplay as long as I have my staff badge. I was working on a costume, ad I'm almost finished but the wig is waaaaaaayyyyy too expensive for me (no job T___T) so I think I'll just wear some of my old costumes. I was also thinking of being Merry from Yumekui Merry but that might have to be a last minute thing. So, now, I want you guys to tell me what costume is better :D Comment your response.

Pick one :D Thanks :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck :O

So today I went with my friends to Frank and Sons and we bought 2 boxes of structure decks (16 decks xD) I really like it, and it's really fun to use. But also, cheap as heeeellllll~~~ My build excluding synchros cost me about $21 to make 0.o Pretty decent for that price.

Here's my build. Pretty consistent so far :]

x2 Barrier Statue of the Heavens
x1 Honest
x1 Marshmallon
x3 Master Hyperion
x2 Nova Summoner
x2 Skelengel
x1 The Agent of Judgement - Saturn
x2 The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter
x3 The Agent of Mystery - Earth
x3 Zeradias, Herald of Heaven

x1 Book of Moon
x3 Cards from the Sky
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Monster Reborn
x2 Mystical Space Typhoon
x2 Solidarity
x3 The Sanctuary in the Sky

x3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
x3 Divine Punishment
x1 Miraculous Descent

Expect a video profile of the deck maybe tomorrow or the day after. But for now, do you guys have any comments or suggestions? Thanks in advance :] ♥

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Yugioh Horoscope (Part 4 :D)♥

A lot of you pointed out that I had forgotten two very important archetypes. X-Sabers and Infernities! So, I guess I have to add on these and another few archetypes :) Hope you enjoy.

Updated Part 1:

Anti-meta/Skill Drain (Pretty Princesses) This is the category I fit into and I've known others in my life that were in this category. I'd say these people tend to have superiority complexes although they might not show it outright a lot of time. These people also tend to be outspoken and try to help out others.  You either love them or completely hate their guts. 

Lightsworn (Twinkle Fairies) These people appear quiet when you confront them but open up the more you talk to them. Once you become their friend they will be loud and confident around you.

Gladiator Beasts (Gay Boys) They are not gay literally. Although they tend to be more flamboyant then others. They are mindful of the way they dress and sometimes have a love affair with their hair. Are smarter then most although you would not expect it at first glance.

Six Samurai  (Tall Dark and Handsome aka TDH) These people are usually reserved. Most have a nice smile. Even though they dont express it annoyingly, they think they are an amazing player. Usually the type of person that blends in the crowd but they are nice people to talk to unless you are playing them. Then, they'll just give a smug mean smile when they special summon their whole hand.

Gravekeepers (Pretty Hoe Bags aka PHB) These people vary the most compared to every other group. Usually they are swayed easily. You can convince them to do want if you know how. Usually with a compliment or two. They love compliments about their attitude and can be kind of a schitzo sometimes. Most of the time, these people will be calm but can snap when really provoked. It takes a while to get their confidence, but when you do, you'll have an awesome friend.

Stall/Final Countdown/Burn (Ballerinas) These people try to act like they're "pro" all the time. But although some might be nice people they are insecure about certain aspects of their life. Many of them may be socially awkward. Also, from personal experience, I've noticed that many of them have funny sounding voices.

Updated Part 2

Black Wings (Chickens) The name "chickens" has nothing to do with their personality, Its just what I call Black Wings xD. These people are always confident in their playing ability. But most of the time they wont be the people who stand out in a crowd. They will sometimes try to make up for the blandness with catch phrases but it usually ends up backfiring. xD But, they don't really have to do it. They're likable as they are. :)

Monarchs, Any Variation (Squishies) These people are hard to decipher. Sometimes you can't even begin to even contemplate what comes into their mind. Not very talkative at first but will gradually increase in conversation. Sort of a weirdo, but usually not mean or unlikable. 

Spellcasters, Any Spellcaster Variant (Bubble Sparkles) They tend to contradict themselves. Will say one thing and do another sometimes without even noticing. But, they mean no harm and just want to have fun. Sometimes hard to warm up to but it just takes time. Once you see past that wall of weirdness, you'll see that it was uniqueness.

Synchron (Toasters) These people, if under the age of 20 are sometimes unaware of their surroundings and can be very care free. Usually friendly and rational people unless provoked.  If over 20, they will most likely be the mature type of person that you can easily look up to or ask for advice when you need it.

Fabled (Moose)  These people will try their hardest not to invade your space or privacy. They are pretty "chill" when you duel them. And if you talk to them they'll try not to get on your bad side. They usually don't have enemies and are they laid back peaceful type of person.

Gadget/Machina (Pink Socks) These people are the fun person you would call "stupid" but they are fun to be around. Sometimes are not the best losers but they will gloat about a victory. Although they have a personality that is sometimes out there you can't help but like them although you don't. Love-hate relationship.

 Part 3

Dragunity (Oranges) These people are the lovable person in the group. They love the opposite gender and completely respect that opposite gender. During a game, they have a quiet but confident aura about them. And, outside of the dueling atmosphere they will be slightly more vocal.

Karakuri (Squigglies) These people are very mysterious. You usually don't know much about their personal life unless you ask directly. If over the age of 17, 85% of the time they will have a significant other tucked away somewhere that others might not have known about. During a duel they are mostly quiet, but very offensive.

Plants (Pretty Flowers)These are people that also blend into a crowd sometimes. When you play them, they are friendly. Also, they might try not to spend too much money, but if the opportunity arises,they'll spend more then they initially wanted.

Zombies (Creepies) These people can be complete weirdos in some aspects of their lives. They trade when they have to, but sometimes can be sort of a pack rat. They like to hold on to things as much as they can. They try to be as offensive as they can, but can sometimes come up short. They are mostly nice people but a small percentage may have an evil side to watch out for. Patient overall.

Counter Fairys (Angels) At first these people will be somewhat on the quiet side, then, this is when they will take the time to decide if they like or hate you. With these people, most of the time there is no in between. If they decide they hate you, watch out. Depending on the person, retribution may come differently. And if they like you, they will talk to you to no end.

Scraps (Gnomes) These are the intellectuals of the group. They tend to always be on the smarter side of the spectrum. I would describe them as the "lovable nerd" that you cant seem to hate. They are smart, but never obtrusive with their knowledge. For the most part, these people do not make enemies easily.

 Part 4 :o

X-Sabers (Unmentionable :O xxxx ) I would describe these people as "rough around the edges." As a person, they might have some big issues that they want to work out, but they're trying. During a duel they act passive. Even though, like Six Sams, they have the ability a lot of the time to summon their whole hand, they handle themselves calmly even though it makes them happy inside. They will most often hide their innermost feelings and tell you only what you need to know.

Infernity (Deformed Monkeys♥) Infernity players, even though they have the special summoning capabilities of X-Sabers and Six Sam, they do not handle themselves quite the same. Even though it is not to the same degree in every player, they tend to gloat more. And, can be slightly more aggressive then the other players. So, beware when you win against one or make him mad. Better watch out xD

Heros (Skimpys) These people have high hopes for their future. They are mostly optimistic and a very friendly person, but only to those who they think are worthy of their friendship. Even though they have all this energy inside of them, it is not always aparent right away. At first glance, the Hero player will be reserved. Only when you actually talk to them, will you see their true nature.

Sorry there arent more new archetypes up, but at this moment I can't think of any other archetype that has enough players, or that I have enough information about. If there is an archetype you would like me to do, just let me know and what you think of the archetype so you can help me out. Thanks ♥ :)

I hope to do more on this topic, mostly interviews when I get the chance. Also, I might go more into depth with each archetype.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yugioh Storytime (Part 2 :D)

Yesterday I started the story of D.D Warrior Lady. First Part is HERE. So yeah, onwards with the story!~♥

As D.D Warrior Lady was engaged in the fight of her life, D.D Warrior and her other Friend she had made in the different dimension, D.D Assailant came to her rescure. Together, while they temporarily immobilized Grepher, they came up with a plan. D.D. Warrior Lady knew what had to be done. She materialized the Dimension Gate behind Grepher, and with all the strength that she could muster up, she pushed him in. Grepher was defeated and D.D Warrior smiled as she looked into the dark horizon.

Even though she had gotten revenge on her old enemy, D.D. Warrior Lady did not feel truly happy. She missed Chain Thrasher. He had been the one that kept her going in the days when she lived in that desolate wasteland all that time ago. So she did what she did best. She kept traveling through dimensions with her loyal friend D.D Warrior.. She knew that she would never give up hope. A few days into their travels, D.D Warrior surprised her with a machine that would help them travel the dimensions with ease. D.D Scout Plane would hopefully find Chain Thrasher. D.D Warrior Lady was overjoyed.

D.D. Warrior Lady focused all her energy on following D.D. Scout Plane. She followed him for months without rest until one day, D.D. Scout Plane stopped. D.D. Warrior Lady thought her pet was broken, so she circled around it a few times wondering what had happened. All of a sudden, all her dreams came true as she saw the heavens being torn apart. A mysterious man jumped out, and even though the years, and adventures of his own had mangled and changed him, D.D. Warrior recognized her love. The man slowly walked toward her and as his face melted into a soft smile he whispered, "I found you my lady." D.D Warrior Lady jumped into his arms and burst into happy tears. She would never leave his side ever again. Her Chain Thrasher had become D.D. Survivor just for her. He would survive anything of it meant seeing his lady one more time.

Finally, D.D Warrioir Lady could be happy in her new home, the Different Dimension with all her friends. She lived there all her life with her prince beside her. Many years later, she called a meeting with the rest of the inhabitants of the different dimension. She had an announcement for her friends. She was going to have a baby! Everyone was thrilled that there would be a new citizen of the Different Dimension. And when the cute little D.D Sprite was born, everyone knew that nothing would ever go wrong in the Different Dimension. But, they were wrong. There would always be adventure and battles to be fought. D.D Warrior Lady knew she could do anything if D.D Survivor was by her side.

The End. :]♥

Hope you liked the story and sorry if it got to sappy and emotional at the end xD I always thought that D.D. Warrior Lady and D.D. Survivor would make the cutest couple ever. Haha maybe one day I'll find the Survivor to my Warrior Lady >.<~ Maybe :P

Well, yeah, let me know what you think of my story. Thanks for reading :)