Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yugioh Storytime (Part 2 :D)

Yesterday I started the story of D.D Warrior Lady. First Part is HERE. So yeah, onwards with the story!~♥

As D.D Warrior Lady was engaged in the fight of her life, D.D Warrior and her other Friend she had made in the different dimension, D.D Assailant came to her rescure. Together, while they temporarily immobilized Grepher, they came up with a plan. D.D. Warrior Lady knew what had to be done. She materialized the Dimension Gate behind Grepher, and with all the strength that she could muster up, she pushed him in. Grepher was defeated and D.D Warrior smiled as she looked into the dark horizon.

Even though she had gotten revenge on her old enemy, D.D. Warrior Lady did not feel truly happy. She missed Chain Thrasher. He had been the one that kept her going in the days when she lived in that desolate wasteland all that time ago. So she did what she did best. She kept traveling through dimensions with her loyal friend D.D Warrior.. She knew that she would never give up hope. A few days into their travels, D.D Warrior surprised her with a machine that would help them travel the dimensions with ease. D.D Scout Plane would hopefully find Chain Thrasher. D.D Warrior Lady was overjoyed.

D.D. Warrior Lady focused all her energy on following D.D. Scout Plane. She followed him for months without rest until one day, D.D. Scout Plane stopped. D.D. Warrior Lady thought her pet was broken, so she circled around it a few times wondering what had happened. All of a sudden, all her dreams came true as she saw the heavens being torn apart. A mysterious man jumped out, and even though the years, and adventures of his own had mangled and changed him, D.D. Warrior recognized her love. The man slowly walked toward her and as his face melted into a soft smile he whispered, "I found you my lady." D.D Warrior Lady jumped into his arms and burst into happy tears. She would never leave his side ever again. Her Chain Thrasher had become D.D. Survivor just for her. He would survive anything of it meant seeing his lady one more time.

Finally, D.D Warrioir Lady could be happy in her new home, the Different Dimension with all her friends. She lived there all her life with her prince beside her. Many years later, she called a meeting with the rest of the inhabitants of the different dimension. She had an announcement for her friends. She was going to have a baby! Everyone was thrilled that there would be a new citizen of the Different Dimension. And when the cute little D.D Sprite was born, everyone knew that nothing would ever go wrong in the Different Dimension. But, they were wrong. There would always be adventure and battles to be fought. D.D Warrior Lady knew she could do anything if D.D Survivor was by her side.

The End. :]♥

Hope you liked the story and sorry if it got to sappy and emotional at the end xD I always thought that D.D. Warrior Lady and D.D. Survivor would make the cutest couple ever. Haha maybe one day I'll find the Survivor to my Warrior Lady >.<~ Maybe :P

Well, yeah, let me know what you think of my story. Thanks for reading :)


  1. Best. Story. Ever.

  2. Thanks! :D Glad you liked the story ^___^

  3. Loved it ^^
    The ending was a little sappy ;)
    But it's your story ^^
    Yeah, I hope you find your "Survivor" =)