Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Complete boredom, so, Yugioh Story Time.

Because school just ended, I am insanely bored. So, because I am bored, I now declare this: Yugioh story time. This is an epic story of adventure and romance, the story of D.D. Warrior Lady.

So yeah I drew this pic >.> It's horrible.... but yeah here it is:

Ahem, *clears throat*, like I said, this is the story of D.D. Warrior Lady. Lets start :] ♥

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a desolate wasteland. She had no friends at all because she lived in such an abandoned area. In those days, she was known as the Warrior Lady of the Wasteland. She wandered around the abandoned city for weeks looking for a new friend. She walked and walked until she came across a stranger. After talking to him for a bit, she found out his name was Chain Thrasher. They decided to walk in search of more people and while they searched they talked to each other the whole time. Soon, the warrior lady realized that she was beginning to fall in love with this new guy.

So, on they walked. But, suddenly out of nowhere a mean man named Mr. Grepher pushed the warrior lady away from her prince, Chain Thrasher. Grepher was jealous of this new couple. But no one knew where he came from because, "Nobody knows his mysterious past."

She was really scared so she closed her eyes and hoped for the best. As her eyes were closed, she realized she was not being hassled anymore. She was being pulled into a vortex of some sort. She opened them only to see the wasteland disappear and a new mysterious realm materialize before her. D.D Warrior had saved her!

 But she realized that she was not the same anymore. This different dimension had changed her. D.D Warrior taught her how to harness the energy of this new realm. But, he said that in order to save her, and let her into this dimension, he had to take her arm as payment. It customary for all of the people who knew how to travel between dimensions to give up their arm. She was sad, but also excited about her new powers. She was no longer the Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, she was the D.D. Warrior Lady.

D.D. Warrior Lady knew that she had to train so she could properly travel through dimensions. She wanted to find the man she had fallen in love with. She wanted to find Chain Thrasher. One day, when she was traveling through dimensions trying to find Chain Thrasher, she came across Grepher again! This time she managed to avoid his harassment with her new power. She used her Dimension Wall. Her sword glowed with her anger towards Grepher. He was the one who had taken her love from her. She was going to stand up for herself from now on.

This is the end of part 1 of story time =D haha well, do you think D.D. Warrior Lady will defeat Grepher? Will she ever find her love Chain Thrasher?? Find out in part 2, coming to my blog tomorrow ;D Hope you liked the first half of my story. If you can guess whats going to happen in part 2 don't be a mean person and spoil it for others :P Thanks for reading and hope you come back tomorrow to see the rest of the story. :]♥


  1. OMG HOW CUTE!!!
    Thats so romantic ><
    Yes, you were very bored, can't wait to read the rest of the story ^^

  2. Very nice I love it Vanessa lol

  3. And then Grepher becomes evil and builds a Tele-DAD deck, or something like that.

    BTW, why Chain Thrasher? 0.o


  4. No idea why she put Chain Thrasher wouldn't Marauding Captain be a better choice?

  5. Because Chain Thrasher obviously doesn't look like the now staple in Macro decks...
    Anyways, nice story, though, I would have liked if the excuse for being in the wasteland were a post-war effect or big raid...I think I'll write my own story, since I'm bored as well, but I don't know if I should even publish it. :/

  6. Glad you guys like the story so far :] I'll be writing the rest of the story later today.

    I was thinking of something post-apocalyptic, but decided against it because it would take forever to write the background story. Maybe a prequel in the future?? xD

    And yeah, you guys will find out about Chain Thrasher later :D

  7. Hehe, I sent you a private message in pojo forums. I need a life ._.

  8. the picture is not bad trust me.