Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Yugioh Player Horoscope! :O ♥ (Part 2!)

I'm glad you all liked the concept of the Yugioh Player Horoscope =) And thanks to the people who posted on Pojo in response to the questionnaire I came up with, I managed to accumulate A LOT of data to help me with this project. Some of my observations in my last post were spot on apparently! I'm proud of that xD Well, without further ado here is part two of the Yugioh Player Horoscope.

Updated Part 1:

Anti-meta/Skill Drain (Pretty Princesses) This is the category I fit into and I've known others in my life that were in this category. I'd say these people tend to have superiority complexes although they might not show it outright a lot of time. These people also tend to be outspoken and try to help out others.  You either love them or completely hate their guts. 

Lightsworn (Twinkle Fairies) These people appear quiet when you confront them but open up the more you talk to them. Once you become their friend they will be loud and confident around you.

Gladiator Beasts (Gay Boys) They are not gay literally. Although they tend to be more flamboyant then others. They are mindful of the way they dress and sometimes have a love affair with their hair. Are smarter then most although you would not expect it at first glance.

Six Samurai  (Tall Dark and Handsome aka TDH) These people are usually reserved. Most have a nice smile. Usually the type of person that blends in the crowd but they are nice people to talk to unless you are playing them. Then, they'll just give a smug mean smile when they special summon their whole hand.

Gravekeepers (Pretty Hoe Bags aka PHB) These people vary the most compared to every other group. Usually they are swayed easily. You can convince them to do want if you know how. Usually with a compliment or two. They love compliments about their attitude and can be kind of a schitzo sometimes. Most of the time, these people will be calm but can snap when really provoked. It takes a while to get their confidence, but when you do, you'll have an awesome friend.

Stall/Final Countdown/Burn (Ballerinas) These people try to act like they're "pro" all the time. But although some might be nice people they are insecure about certain aspects of their life. Many of them may be socially awkward. Also, from personal experience, I've noticed that many of them have funny sounding voices.

PART 2! :]♥♥♥♥♥

Black Wings (Chickens) The name "chickens" has nothing to do with their personality, Its just what I call Black Wings xD. These people are always confident in their playing ability. But most of the time they wont be the people who stand out in a crowd. They will sometimes try to make up for the blandness with catch phrases but it usually ends up backfiring. xD But, they don't really have to do it. They're likable as they are. :)

Monarchs, Any Variation (Squishies) These people are hard to decipher. Sometimes you can't even begin to even contemplate what comes into their mind. Not very talkative at first but will gradually increase in conversation. Sort of a weirdo, but usually not mean or unlikable. 

Spellcasters, Any Spellcaster Variant (Bubble Sparkles) They tend to contradict themselves. Will say one thing and do another sometimes without even noticing. But, they mean no harm and just want to have fun. Sometimes hard to warm up to but it just takes time. Once you see past that wall of weirdness, you'll see that it was uniqueness.

Synchron (Toasters) These people, if under the age of 20 are sometimes unaware of their surroundings and can be very care free. Usually friendly and rational people unless provoked.  If over 20, they will most likely be the mature type of person that you can easily look up to or ask for advice when you need it.

Fabled (Moose)  These people will try their hardest not to invade your space or privacy. They are pretty "chill" when you duel them. And if you talk to them they'll try not to get on your bad side. They usually don't have enemies and are they laid back peaceful type of person.

Gadget/Machina (Pink Socks) These people are the fun person you would call "stupid" but they are fun to be around. Sometimes are not the best losers but they will gloat about a victory. Although they have a personality that is sometimes out there you can't help but like them although you don't. Love-hate relationship.

Well this is it for part 2! Stay tuned for part 3! =3 Some of the decks that are coming up are: Dragunities, Karakuries, and Plants~ And I will go more into depth with the ones already above.
What do you think of the accurateness so far? Suggestions? Thanks in advance for any comments :]


  1. I am very impressed with how much work you are putting into this, cant wait to see it all finished.

  2. I am also extremely impressed and so far most of it has been pretty correct lol. Oh and are you single? J/K

  3. OMG Keep posting this Vanessa, these are so fun to read >w< And wow, that synchron horoscope....=D

  4. @Wintermute thanks! :3

    @Yuginshin Thanks! Glad you like it! xD....

    @Fhnintendo haha yeah.... I will... I have too much time on my hands xD

  5. +1 for the Bubble Sparkles team.

  6. Don't forget Inverz. =3

  7. Do one for Scraps please :D

  8. what do you think about FTK/OTK/Combo deck horoscope?

  9. I will do more deck types :) Be patient people~ ^__^

    @Heavy shit eater I will go more into depth with how I feel about that later :] Keep checking for updates. Thanks :]

  10. Interesting my secondary deck is Synchrons.

    How about something for people who play unusual decks (Insects anyone?)