Monday, May 2, 2011

Training for AX!

I went to training for my job for Tabletop Gaming for AX! I got to meet most of the people in the department and play a bunch of new games. I played some Yugioh, and learned how to play Apples to Apples and Whack a Catgirl. It was so much fun!

Playing some Yugioh before the meeting started
Thank you to Robin who introduced me to this lovely drink :O
It has a marble inside! :O
Also I really liked the location, it was at this nice bar right next to the beach. There was a pier and it was so nice to walk around before I went home.

Couldn't buy a drink I'm not 21 >.>

We were discussing everything that we were going to do and it seems like Anime X will be so fun this year. Expect a lot of activities from the tabletop department!! ;D And I hope to see you there and I hope I get a lot of challengers because I will be one of the people doing "shadow duels" >:D

Are you looking forward to AX??!! Are you going to challenge me to a shadow duel?!!! >:D Comment please!~ :)


  1. sounds like everything will be a lto of fun, good luck down there

  2. Thanks! :) No doubt about the fun part!

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  4. I hope this is not sarcasm! Haha, thanks anyways. Glad to know I am appreciated. :)

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