Sunday, May 15, 2011

Delays and a Busy Schedule D':

So I've been trying to keep to my word and update when I need to update but I'm sooooo busy! Sorry guys about not updating the horoscope yesterday night, but I fell asleep >.< So I thought I would update it today but my cousin comes over in the morning and says "Lets go to the L.A Zoo" so I go with them. I got hope about two hours ago and fell asleep again 0.o And now I realize that my final project for my A.P English class is due tomorrow. So, todays post will be random pics of stupid things I saw at the zoo today :)

Sorry guys, but the horoscope is postponed until tomorrow.

Also, I decided to do interviews to back up my findings from the horoscope. I did do one at my locals on Saturday. Thanks Jose :) and I will also be uploading that tomorrow despite the iffy quality.

Speaking about locals, I did top, so I was happy about that. My friend Gustavo Chavez got first place with his Gravekeeper deck and I want to congratulate him :) Yay Gustavo~ xD

So without further ado, the L.A Zoo, as experienced by me =D

Me :O
Meerkats looked dead o.o
Looks like it has a tumor .__.

3 legged Gazelle =D

Lions also looked dead .__.
Dead monkey.... in a body bag :OO

Well, hope you like my silly zoo pics :) And sorry again for the delay. I'll try my best to update properly tomorrow. Thanks :)


  1. looks like you had fun at the zoo. Glad you were able to take pictures of everything.

  2. @Wintermute Yup :) glad you liked it