Friday, May 6, 2011

The Yugioh Player Horoscope! :O ♥

Yup that's right. A horoscope. I beleive I can classify the personality of a person by the type of deck they run. Well it should work I'd say about 80% of the time so bear with me! I'm still working out the kinks! xD

Macro/Anti-meta/Skill Drain (Pretty Princesses) This is the category I fit into and I've known others in my life that were in this category. I'd say these people tend to have superiority complexes although they might not show it outright a lot of time. These people also tend to be outspoken and try to help out others.  You either love them or completely hate their guts.

Lightsworn (Twinkle Fairies) These people appear quiet when you confront them but open up the more you talk to them. Once you become their friend they will be loud and confident around you.

Gladiator Beasts (Gay Boys) They are not gay literally. Although they tend to be more flamboyant then others. They are mindful of the way they dress and sometimes have a love affair with their hair. Are smarter then most although you would not expect it at first glance.

Six Samurai  (Tall Dark and Handsome aka TDH) These people are usually reserved. Most have a nice smile. Usually the type of person that blends in the crowd but they are nice people to talk to.

Gravekeepers (Pretty Hoe Bags aka PHB) These people vary the most compared to every other group. Usually they are swayed easily. You can convince them to do want if you know how. Usually with a compliment or two. They love compliments about their attitude and can be kind of a schitzo sometimes.

Stall/Final Countdown/Burn (Ballerinas) These people try to act like they're "pro" all the time. But although some might be nice people they are insecure about certain aspects of their life. Many of them may be socially awkward.

Also, I got a new signature on my Pojo account xD I'm going to make it better later....

Well this isnt all decks but what do you think so far? Accurate? xD Somewhat accurate? Want me to do more? If so what deck? :)


  1. you put a lot of thought into this, I bet you are right for the most part. i take it you are basing this off of people you know in real life, TDH?

  2. haha yeah. Its a compilation of people I know or have dealt with. I plan to make it more extensive in the future >:D

  3. Every Single Gladiator Beast player I've met has been flamboyant lol. I'm not a pretty princess .__.

  4. @AvengingTheKite Yes! one thing right at least xD And those are just names I made up so its not boring YGO archetypes. Those don't mean anything I just made them up xD

  5. I'm Physically Tall, Dark, and Handsome but I'm not a Six Samurai player!

    I have a friend with a MAJOR superiority complex it isn't even funny. He used Machina Gadgets, Blackwings, and is currently using a Chaos Necroface deck.

    As for the signature, what program did you use to create it?

  6. @Fhnintendo later >.>

    @ff03268a-790f-11e0-a854-000f20980440 Well, I'm currently rewriting the Horoscope and adding more types. Check back soon and see if its updated =) Also, I used the free photoshop type program "GIMP" ^__^

  7. Gah, it's supposed to show I'm Oracle Fefe but I'm just not good with blogs. I'd like the Amazoness and Koa'ki Horoscope :c.

    Also, have you checked out It's a good site with tons of tutorials. My favorites have been from Curly Haired Boy.