Friday, May 13, 2011

Tabletop Game Room AX 2011 =D

Hi guys! How many of you are going to be at Anime Expo 2011? Well I am. I'm going to be staff at the tabletop gaming room and I just wanted to let you guys know about the tournaments.

OFFICIAL SITE HERE (Tabletop Game Room)

I advise all of you to register early if you plan to enter any of the bigger tournaments of the Tabletop Gaming room. There is limited space.

Wait... now before you just go ahead and only register for the Yugioh tournament, I encourage you and your friends to make a team of 2 to 4 people and enter the Anime-zing Race!

According to AX....
The Anime-Zing Race is a scavenger hunt like no other for teams of two to four people organized, and ran by the staff members of the Table Top Game Room! Compete with other convention attendees in a three day event filled with zaney races, incredible scavenger hunts, and insane game challenges for guts, glory, and awesome prizes!

Registration: To register email your team of no less than two no more than four members to no less than Thursday, June 30th by midnight. Anyone with a valid convention pass may be eligible for play.

Game Play: To play, report with your team to the Table Top Game Room, and receive your team’s Anime-Zing Race event card. The card will detail the games, and events you are eligible to participate in, and the point total completing the events are worth. Only one representative from your team is needed to communicate with the Table Top Staff, so please select a team leader. If you don’t select a team leader the Table Top Staff may appoint one for you. Some events, or games may require you to provide proof to the Table Top Staff that you completed the event within our designated parameters, video, or camera proof will be accepted, as will the word or signature of any other Convention Staff. Please note that some events will require you to photograph your results, so camera phones are recommended. Please note that some events will only be able to be attempted once a day, and points can only be scored for completing a specific task once.

Winning: The winning team will be announced on Monday July 4rth. The winning team will be determined by the members of the Table Top Staff based upon the number of points, and completed events that the team has. Any tie breakers will be administered by the Table Top Staff, and will be conducted in the Table Top Game Room. 

Many of the tasks will be a type of shadow duel with staff members. (Including me! :3) You must win against the staff member, and each staff member will be playing the TCG or other game that they are the best at. I will be playing Yugioh as well as others, but some are playing other games.

So I hope to see you there, and I hope I get lots of challenges! =D ♥


More info will be added about AX as the expo nears..... =0
Feel free to ask me any questions :)


  1. What exactly are you going to be doing within tabletop though?

  2. Organizing the tournaments, crowd control, and playing, and teaching people how to play :)