Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meh, Deck Ideas? (Also Romantic Yugioh Mat! :O♥)

So yeah, I love my current deck (Dimensional Eatos Anti Meta) but sometimes it gets a little boring. I have another deck (Amazoness) but it was just for fun and sometimes its just not competitive enough to have fun with. Dimentional Eatos is awesome because I win so much, but sometimes it gets old. Summon, attack, activate backrow, summon, attack. That's all there is to it. There is some strategical, and you need to know exactly when to do everything and what to compromise but yeah, I've had the deck for a while.

I was thinking of Gladiator Beasts (Gay Boys as I like to call them :D). They are relatively cheap and can be really good. But one of my friends got the deck right when I wanted it. .___. So I kinda don't want to anymore. Thanks alot Ricardo >.>

So my question to you is: What is a fun deck that can actually kick ass? (Preferably with pretty cards, no lightsworn) Twinkle Fairy Lightsworns are boring =P

So now, here's some neat things I'd like to share ;)

There was this guy at my locals with a super cute mat he painted himself! :) It looked romantic♥ He let me take a pic to show you guys:

And, my friend got me an adorable finger puppet from Death Note :O

What do you guys think? Also, don't forget my deck question! I need ideas~~ Thank you~♥ :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes! Success! ^__^

I am so excited! I got hired by the tabletop gaming department for Anime Expo! I can't wait at this point. The first meeting for all of the staff seems like its going to be really fun. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having lots of fun this year at AX 2011!

So, one of the things on my mind is: am I the only girl in the department? Is this going to be how my sister says, a "sausage fest"? xD I'd say about 97% of all card game players are male, so this is very probable.  Oh, well I'm used to it and its never been a problem.

Another thing, I hope the other people in the department have fun attitudes. A lot of people that I have met at card events have a really stern attitude and come off as really big jerks and just have this big condescending attitude. Hopefully everyone can get along without any attitude problems.

ABOUT 9 WEEKS TO GO! This seems like its going to be an amazing experience. If you don't already have your ticket get it! You wont regret it ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wig Showcase!♥

I love cosplay! And, along with that love of cosplay comes a love for wigs. So I'm going to show you guys four of my wigs. I have more, but lets just save those for another day ;D

Wig number One! This one I used with a gothic lolita/victorian dress I designed. It's pretty messed up from the back but from the front it still looks okay.

So here's wig number two! I used it for a Rei cosplay. Its not styled right here. Its really nice and never messes up. That's what I love about short wigs.

This next one I never used for anything! Its my random messed up wig I just have chillin in my collection xD I don't even remember where I got it. Right here it looks in an okay condition but in reality this wig is REALLY fucked up xD

And finally wig number 4! Also a random wig. I used it once for a Hit Girl costume but thats pretty much it. Another really neat short wig :)

Yup, so there they are. Which is your favorite? Do you like wigs?~ I love comments!♥ :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Realizations and Results of YCS (Yugioh Championship Series)

Well now that the underclassmen are undergoing the yearly CST testing and I don't have to, its thinking in that I am almost going to graduate. My final paperwork for the university I'm attending is due May 1st. Everything is moving by so quickly! Before I know it I'll be in my first class at college. I can't wait :)

So yeah, I went to YCS in Anaheim this weekend and I did well up until the last match which was dissapointing. Well this is what happened:

Around 1500 people entered :O
 1st match: Me vs. Blackwings Lose
1st game: I obliterate the guy.
2nd game: I got him down to 600 LP but then he uses Duality and picks up a Spirit Reaper and then stalls enough until he gets the cards he needs and explodes on me and I lose.
3rd game: get shitty hand and proceed to lose.

2nd match: Me vs. Frognarch Lose
1st game: I obliterate the guy
2nd game: He bearly wins.
3d game: Shitty hand and proceed to lose.

3rd match: Me vs. GBs Win
1st game: Game loss for him because he showed up late.
2nd game: I meet him and start talking. I don't remember what happened in the game but he was really nice :)
3rd game: Don't remember what happened in the game either. Kept talking. :)
Unnecessary 4th-5th game: Played with each others decks for fun >.<

4th match: me vs. Six Sams Win
1st game: I lose quickly. Guy swarms and pops stuff.
2nd game: I win with Oppression I sided in.
3rd game: Get really good hand and wipe him out.

5th match: I dont remember xD But I know I Win~
I seriously dont remember what deck it was....I'll edit when I remember xD

6th match:Me vs. Synchron Deck Win
1st game: Guy scoops when he sees how I opened
2nd game: Gets obliterated again :)

7th match:Me vs. GBs Lose
1st game: I kept it going for a while but lose in the end.
2nd game: Guy wont stop flirting with me, annoys me, and then I win.
3rd game: Get shitty hand and lose.

8th match: Me vs. X-Sabers Win
1st game: He wins :P
2nd game: I win bearly.
3rd game: I win with Return! =D

9th match: me vs. Miricle Fusion/ Gemini Lose
1st: Lose
2nd: Lose again.... both times I drew shit >.>

For it being my first YCS, I think I did okay :) Thanks for those of you who convinced me to enter! I had alot of fun and met some really nice people, and some not so nice people. Overall a good time was had :)

Comments are appreciated!♥

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preparations for YCS (A trip to Franks!)

If you saw the edit on my last post, you noticed Ive decided to enter the tournament at YCS. So yesterday afternoon myself and a group of my friends that are also going took a trip to Franks to get some of the stuff that we needed. For those of you who don't know, Frank and Sons is like a giant indoor swap meet but everything in there is nerd junk xD (Trading Cards, Anime, Comic books, and a lot more collectables). Here's some pics from our trip :]
Comic book thingies :D

Anime place (these guys look confused xD
minis thingies :O
TCG place

Yugioh place
Oh my jesus! D:
People playing Yugioh
"Perv tokens"
Anime Mats! :O

So yeah, here's my trip to franks :] Haha the gazillion Pot of Duality's made me laugh xD 

So have any of you guys been to Frank and Sons? Seem like a fun place? Please comment! ^__^~♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So this Saturday a bunch of my friends are going to YCS (a Yugioh tournament thing =P) and I'm going with them. But I'm still deciding if I should enter or not. I have a good tournament worthy deck but.... well let me just spell out the pros and cons for all of you and then maybe I can reach a decision.

1. Its fun!
2. I get to see my ranking among 1000+ people.
3. I like meeting random people.
4. I wont feel left out since most of my friends are entering too :)

1. $20 entrance fee. Part of me kinda wants cute clothes or other things >.>
2. Its exhausting and takes ALL day.
3. I'm low on cash as it is and I will have to spend on other things as it is (besides entrance of $20) to go. (Food, gas, etc.)
4. I don't like dealing with cheaters and they tend to accumulate at these sort of things. When you keep getting horrible hands in a deck that usually has about 90% to get a good hand is not good. And when you draw the main card of the deck in only 2 of your games all day that doesn't give you hope either.
5. Because of the nature of my deck, sometimes I get attitude because they get frustrated.
6. Sexist remarks all over the place. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm a bad player or that you can call me "honey" or "sweetie" or "hun" -____- . I wont start crying or throw a bitch fit if I lose. Seriously.

Well here are my pros and cons. And regarding my skill and deck, I think I'm good in that department. If no one were to stack me or make me mad then I should at least do decent. Ive won local tournaments and people who know me will tell you there is a high probability that I could do very well.

 Ummm heres a pic I took. The cards were fighting when I took them out of my bag >_< And I was bored so I sketched Ms. Eatos on the side (with my mouse xD).

So what do you think? What should I do? Comments are very appreciated. :)♥

EDIT: I've decided to enter. Wish me luck!♥ :]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I get Another Chance! (TCG opportunity!)

Remember how I kept getting rejected? Well I have an opportunity to be a part of the AnimeX staff. I was not chosen to be a maid, but maybe I can be part of the tabletop gaming staff if I have a good interview. This is the room of the con where people play trading card games. Thanks to my friends, I have at least been exposed to all major trading card games. Also thanks to these friends Ive been playing Yugioh for two years with them and in competitions. I don't do too shabby either. :] Together with them Ive also learned to play Magic (and because of the Magic event that AX had last year), and Naruto. I don't know how to play Pokemon though. The game play seemed like Naruto but slower and it didn't really interest me.

Main card of my deck :)♥

 So, do any of you guys play a trading card game? How long? Any suggestions for me for the interview? :) Any comments are appreciated!♥