Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So this Saturday a bunch of my friends are going to YCS (a Yugioh tournament thing =P) and I'm going with them. But I'm still deciding if I should enter or not. I have a good tournament worthy deck but.... well let me just spell out the pros and cons for all of you and then maybe I can reach a decision.

1. Its fun!
2. I get to see my ranking among 1000+ people.
3. I like meeting random people.
4. I wont feel left out since most of my friends are entering too :)

1. $20 entrance fee. Part of me kinda wants cute clothes or other things >.>
2. Its exhausting and takes ALL day.
3. I'm low on cash as it is and I will have to spend on other things as it is (besides entrance of $20) to go. (Food, gas, etc.)
4. I don't like dealing with cheaters and they tend to accumulate at these sort of things. When you keep getting horrible hands in a deck that usually has about 90% to get a good hand is not good. And when you draw the main card of the deck in only 2 of your games all day that doesn't give you hope either.
5. Because of the nature of my deck, sometimes I get attitude because they get frustrated.
6. Sexist remarks all over the place. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm a bad player or that you can call me "honey" or "sweetie" or "hun" -____- . I wont start crying or throw a bitch fit if I lose. Seriously.

Well here are my pros and cons. And regarding my skill and deck, I think I'm good in that department. If no one were to stack me or make me mad then I should at least do decent. Ive won local tournaments and people who know me will tell you there is a high probability that I could do very well.

 Ummm heres a pic I took. The cards were fighting when I took them out of my bag >_< And I was bored so I sketched Ms. Eatos on the side (with my mouse xD).

So what do you think? What should I do? Comments are very appreciated. :)♥

EDIT: I've decided to enter. Wish me luck!♥ :]


  1. >keep casually mentioning you're a girl

    Stop that.

  2. So pretend I'm a guy? .__. I'm me and that's all there is to it. :]

  3. it sounds like its more problems then its worth, but at the same time that shouldn't stop you from doing what you enjoy.