Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preparations for YCS (A trip to Franks!)

If you saw the edit on my last post, you noticed Ive decided to enter the tournament at YCS. So yesterday afternoon myself and a group of my friends that are also going took a trip to Franks to get some of the stuff that we needed. For those of you who don't know, Frank and Sons is like a giant indoor swap meet but everything in there is nerd junk xD (Trading Cards, Anime, Comic books, and a lot more collectables). Here's some pics from our trip :]
Comic book thingies :D

Anime place (these guys look confused xD
minis thingies :O
TCG place

Yugioh place
Oh my jesus! D:
People playing Yugioh
"Perv tokens"
Anime Mats! :O

So yeah, here's my trip to franks :] Haha the gazillion Pot of Duality's made me laugh xD 

So have any of you guys been to Frank and Sons? Seem like a fun place? Please comment! ^__^~♥


  1. look at all that stuff...

    actually it looks awesoe i wish i knew a store like that in here.

  2. That place looks insane! My friend worked in a comic shop for years and it looks nothing like this!

  3. Yeah this place is super awesome! Its huge and you can fins almost anything "nerd culture" in here! =D