Saturday, April 2, 2011

I get Another Chance! (TCG opportunity!)

Remember how I kept getting rejected? Well I have an opportunity to be a part of the AnimeX staff. I was not chosen to be a maid, but maybe I can be part of the tabletop gaming staff if I have a good interview. This is the room of the con where people play trading card games. Thanks to my friends, I have at least been exposed to all major trading card games. Also thanks to these friends Ive been playing Yugioh for two years with them and in competitions. I don't do too shabby either. :] Together with them Ive also learned to play Magic (and because of the Magic event that AX had last year), and Naruto. I don't know how to play Pokemon though. The game play seemed like Naruto but slower and it didn't really interest me.

Main card of my deck :)♥

 So, do any of you guys play a trading card game? How long? Any suggestions for me for the interview? :) Any comments are appreciated!♥


  1. I used to collect YuGiOh, but then I gave all my cards away to some kids...felt good.

  2. Yea, I used to play Yu Gi Oh too.. Never rly played it right

  3. loved yu gi oh, but now i'm to old for games like this...

  4. Remember when I used to collect trading cards, a lot of the time a whole stack would get soggy in the washing machine after I forgot they were in my pockets xD

  5. I used to play Magic about 14 years ago haha.

  6. @Prowler how nice! :)

    @Ares thanks for the advice.

    @Vexu You're never too old! Everyone that plays Yugioh competitively nowadays is old. Thats true for every card game. I think its because they are just into it for the money.

    @not2badreview awwwww how sad~ I feel sad for the cards xD

    @Eric P start playing again! :D

  7. not a fan of card games ( i only played magic in high school).