Monday, April 11, 2011

Realizations and Results of YCS (Yugioh Championship Series)

Well now that the underclassmen are undergoing the yearly CST testing and I don't have to, its thinking in that I am almost going to graduate. My final paperwork for the university I'm attending is due May 1st. Everything is moving by so quickly! Before I know it I'll be in my first class at college. I can't wait :)

So yeah, I went to YCS in Anaheim this weekend and I did well up until the last match which was dissapointing. Well this is what happened:

Around 1500 people entered :O
 1st match: Me vs. Blackwings Lose
1st game: I obliterate the guy.
2nd game: I got him down to 600 LP but then he uses Duality and picks up a Spirit Reaper and then stalls enough until he gets the cards he needs and explodes on me and I lose.
3rd game: get shitty hand and proceed to lose.

2nd match: Me vs. Frognarch Lose
1st game: I obliterate the guy
2nd game: He bearly wins.
3d game: Shitty hand and proceed to lose.

3rd match: Me vs. GBs Win
1st game: Game loss for him because he showed up late.
2nd game: I meet him and start talking. I don't remember what happened in the game but he was really nice :)
3rd game: Don't remember what happened in the game either. Kept talking. :)
Unnecessary 4th-5th game: Played with each others decks for fun >.<

4th match: me vs. Six Sams Win
1st game: I lose quickly. Guy swarms and pops stuff.
2nd game: I win with Oppression I sided in.
3rd game: Get really good hand and wipe him out.

5th match: I dont remember xD But I know I Win~
I seriously dont remember what deck it was....I'll edit when I remember xD

6th match:Me vs. Synchron Deck Win
1st game: Guy scoops when he sees how I opened
2nd game: Gets obliterated again :)

7th match:Me vs. GBs Lose
1st game: I kept it going for a while but lose in the end.
2nd game: Guy wont stop flirting with me, annoys me, and then I win.
3rd game: Get shitty hand and lose.

8th match: Me vs. X-Sabers Win
1st game: He wins :P
2nd game: I win bearly.
3rd game: I win with Return! =D

9th match: me vs. Miricle Fusion/ Gemini Lose
1st: Lose
2nd: Lose again.... both times I drew shit >.>

For it being my first YCS, I think I did okay :) Thanks for those of you who convinced me to enter! I had alot of fun and met some really nice people, and some not so nice people. Overall a good time was had :)

Comments are appreciated!♥


  1. I cant believe how many people there are. Sounds like you got a little something something going on with GBs.

  2. I think you did pretty well! Looks like you won several matches.

  3. @Wintermute Ummm... Hopefully >.< We talked after too... and I now have his number... so success! (^-^)v

    @Eric P Thanks! I think I got around ranking 300 out of the 1500+ people that were there :0