Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meh, Deck Ideas? (Also Romantic Yugioh Mat! :O♥)

So yeah, I love my current deck (Dimensional Eatos Anti Meta) but sometimes it gets a little boring. I have another deck (Amazoness) but it was just for fun and sometimes its just not competitive enough to have fun with. Dimentional Eatos is awesome because I win so much, but sometimes it gets old. Summon, attack, activate backrow, summon, attack. That's all there is to it. There is some strategical, and you need to know exactly when to do everything and what to compromise but yeah, I've had the deck for a while.

I was thinking of Gladiator Beasts (Gay Boys as I like to call them :D). They are relatively cheap and can be really good. But one of my friends got the deck right when I wanted it. .___. So I kinda don't want to anymore. Thanks alot Ricardo >.>

So my question to you is: What is a fun deck that can actually kick ass? (Preferably with pretty cards, no lightsworn) Twinkle Fairy Lightsworns are boring =P

So now, here's some neat things I'd like to share ;)

There was this guy at my locals with a super cute mat he painted himself! :) It looked romantic♥ He let me take a pic to show you guys:

And, my friend got me an adorable finger puppet from Death Note :O

What do you guys think? Also, don't forget my deck question! I need ideas~~ Thank you~♥ :)


  1. sadly I dont know anything about the game so I cant really you build a deck. but best of luck

  2. i dont know much of yu gi oh so i cant help but if you need help on a magic game let me know.

  3. LOL @ Comments

    Although I will suggest Formula Monarchs as i've been running them for a while and they've been working out great! Reborn Tengu and Birdman have breathed new life into this deck and allow it to spam Synchroes (Especially Hyper Librarian).

  4. I'll look into that. Thanks :) Although something tells me that Reborn Tengu might be hype... I'll still read up on that type of deck though~ :D