Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wig Showcase!♥

I love cosplay! And, along with that love of cosplay comes a love for wigs. So I'm going to show you guys four of my wigs. I have more, but lets just save those for another day ;D

Wig number One! This one I used with a gothic lolita/victorian dress I designed. It's pretty messed up from the back but from the front it still looks okay.

So here's wig number two! I used it for a Rei cosplay. Its not styled right here. Its really nice and never messes up. That's what I love about short wigs.

This next one I never used for anything! Its my random messed up wig I just have chillin in my collection xD I don't even remember where I got it. Right here it looks in an okay condition but in reality this wig is REALLY fucked up xD

And finally wig number 4! Also a random wig. I used it once for a Hit Girl costume but thats pretty much it. Another really neat short wig :)

Yup, so there they are. Which is your favorite? Do you like wigs?~ I love comments!♥ :)


  1. you have a lot of wigs, a figure you could use that purple one for more things

  2. not a fan of cosplay but i love the blue one.