Saturday, May 28, 2011

First "Yugioh Horoscope" intervew :3/Locals Report

Today I went to a comic store called "Four Color Fantasies" in Rancho Cucamonga. I entered the tournament and went 3-1 and got 3rd place. I beat a synchron deck, a macro deck, and a Watt deck. The only person I lost to was a Six Sam player. He won first round, second round I won with my side deck (Summon Limit, and Royal Opression), and third round he won due to my shitty hand. So, because he was the only person to beat me that day I did an interview for my Horoscope. This is what I had said about a six sam player:

Oh how I hate you.......
Six Samurai  (Tall Dark and Handsome aka TDH) These people are usually reserved. Most have a nice smile. Even though they dont express it annoyingly, they think they are an amazing player. Usually the type of person that blends in the crowd but they are nice people to talk to unless you are playing them. Then, they'll just give a smug mean smile when they special summon their whole hand.

Soooooo, in my opinion, I think the description was alright. He did have a pretty mean look on his face as he special summoned his whole hand onto the field >.> Oh, well, so heres the vid:

What do you guys think? Accurate? Should I keep doing these interviews? Let me know. :)


  1. Fuuuu youre a good interviewer xD
    Asking questions like a pro ;) xD

  2. Of course! I don't expect any less if myself :P haha do you like it? :o

  3. I like it, it was very confrontational, and the guy did seem a bit like you're horoscope, very reserved and did have that "smile" (or just a bit nervous). Keep it up ^^

  4. More or less nailed it. But when will Infernity get love? Q.Q


  5. I'm getting to it! >.<~~~ Sometime this week :D promise.

  6. My mat is prettier!!! ^w^
    Vanessa is at my house!!! hahahahaha