Friday, May 27, 2011

To New Beginings! :D

I am now a high school graduate!! =D Yay class of 2011! I'm looking forward to exciting things and I'm glad high school is done and over with. Today has been a busy week, also with my confirmation for church (I'm Catholic :P). Thank you Gustavo for being my sponsor for confirmation.:)

So first of all, I'm excited to be starting at the California State University of San Bernardino in the Fall. I'm going to be a Literature major! Something I've been looking forward to for a long time. Secondly, I can't wait for Anime Expo!!! I'll be there from day 0 to day 4 as a tabletop gaming staff. Hope to see a lot of you guys there, and please, challenge me to a duel!! =D haha. I'll defeat all of you! =3 ~♥ And lastly. I just can't wait for some good old fashioned sleeping! =D

Me and Gustavo at my confirmation :)
Oh, side random note, don't you think its weird that my sponsor for church is also a Yugioh player? xD Gravekeepers! Haha xD

So yeah, thanks for stopping by! :]


  1. I starting as a Senior in the fall woot!!! You are so beautiful!!!! Love it!!

  2. Thanks :) Good Luck on being a senior.