Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stagnant Life with a Sprinkle of Insecutiry. (YGO mats and Pretty Accessories)

Well, I haven't written anything here in about a week now? Probably the reason is because Ive been on spring break, had to go to a retreat for church for two days (no electronics allowed), and, I'm just outright lazy sometimes.

Well, Ive been thinking that I need some sort of income. Right now its really hard to get a job so I was thinking of alternate ways to get some cash. First thing I thought was to make crafts and sell them. A friend offered me $5 for a bag like the one I carry around that I made and maybe I could make some cosplay dresses and accessories to sell but I dont know how I would go about that.
Secondly maybe I could make custom hand drawn TCG play mats and try to profit off of those. But, so far Ive only drawn them as favors for friends and I dont know if and how much I could get for one. Below are some I drew on, not my best work and I can do A LOT better.

Well what do you think guys? Which idea is good? How much would you pay for one of these mats? Suggestions and comments are welcome :)

Song I'm listening to right at this moment: Harder Than You Know by Escape the Fate. Such as sad song~ :'(


  1. nice drawings, love evangelion.

  2. Great drawings and great blog so far. Keep up the great work. I really like the anime girl in the corner of the page it looks real neat. Check out my blog sometime. Also I followed you on twitter and on this blog.

  3. Thanks! Ill check out your blog too.