Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, since its all over the place and my friends... erm.. friend cant stop listening, I thought I'd put it here too. Only and hour left of Friday so I am going to take advantage! I had a great day for once so this post of faggotry is dedicated to that! So here it is: Friday, by Rebecca Black.

So first of all, WHAT IS THIS?!?! Its a bunch of teenybopper female Bieber-esque girls and boys pretending that they can party. And even though this is annoying the first time around, you listen to it again and realize that you cant get enough of it. And then you listen to it again just to make sure you ain't trippin' but shes still kinda growing on you. And then by the 15th listen you're there right along with her singing along "Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday~" And finally, you don't give a damn because its just so stupid! So here's just some of the reasons that its so stupid.
1. The whole thing sounds like you're talking on Auto Tune!!
2. Cereal Cereal Cereal~
3.What does it matter where you sit you dumb bimbo?!
4. You are 12! What are you doing out partyin'?
5. Your 12 year old friends drive?! You don't live in Mexico...
6.Hmmm... real friends are on your left. What about the poor girl on your left? That was a cruel statement young lady....
7. Yes. I know that Saturday comes after Friday. I'm not 12 like you.
8. You're 12.....

So yeah, this is my love hate relationship with Friday. Fun fun fun fun fun~

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