Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gothic Lolita How to Guide

Well, one of my passions is making accessories, cosplay, and other bold articles of clothing. And one of my favorite styles to dress in is gothic lolita, sometimes more classic victorian lolita is fun to. So here's a little guide for those of you who want to dress in this style.
***You don't have to spend $100 on a dress. There are other alternatives if you don't have the cash, but obviously this is the easiest way to be a gothic lolita.

Okay, so you dont have the cash? No problem, I don't either. This is how I make an outfit.

1. Find a thrift store. You wouldn't beleive what I've found in places like this. Among my finds were, a leather kilt, a fishnet jacket, shoes I use for school girl cosplay, a European wool hat (badass looking and I spiced it up with a VAMPS pin and a couple safety pins) cool ties, strange shoes (lovely!) and other dresses I edited to my liking. Don't be afraid to go to these places to find at least a base for your project. You can go here to think up your initial design and just go with the things you find.

2. By this time you should more or less know what you want to do. It might be a blouse you want to make lolita-esque or a skirt you wanna add lace and bows to or maybe a nice headpiece.

3. Go to a fabric store, crafts store, or Walmart (my choice. cheap!) and look around for extra fabric, ribbons, buttons, or anything else you see that you like to add to your base or use to create your lolita look.

4. Okay, now is the complicated part. Time to break out the sewing machine. Or if you cant get one, thread and needle time~ There's many guides on other sites that teach sewing by hand but they're all relatively easy. Use it to build the dress you want. Remember in gothic lolita (or sweet lolita) its all about the poofy sleeves, lace, poofy skirt, and bows strategically placed. Be creative! :)

5. Once you have your dress or outfit, fix your hair with curls (most traditional in gothic lolita), put on a nice bow or headpiece in your hair, a light eyeshadow maybe, some cute socks, Mary Jane shoes, and you're set!

Nice concept :)
 So, if you have individual questions of how to sew certain things or anything at all just contact me on Twitter or Facebook or just comment and I'll help you out!


  1. i like the concept but i only aprove of cosplaying if the character fits.

  2. Exellent! Thanks!