Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fate Stay Night Visual Novel

So the other day I downloaded the Fate Stay Night visual novel. I hadent played any visual novels for a long time (the last ones I played were BL ones: Animamundi Dark Alchemist and Absolute Obedience) and I really felt like playing one. This one seemed popular so I figured it was a good place to start with.

So after the 8 hours my dumb computer took to download this I started it up and started to go through it. I was happy that you start out playing from the point of view of Rin. Although it would have been nice if the prologue was a little more exciting and shorter instead of taking two hours. But then later it ties in nicely so I didn't mind. Something else I wish they had worked on is making it more interactive and the player more involved with the story. Also a boyxboy route would have been nice but you cant have everything! I'm still working on it and I'll post more about it when I finish at least one route! So far I love Archer and Rin! They make such a cute couple. And Rin is one of the better tsunderes I've seen.♥

Any other suggestions for after I finish or get bored of this one? I'm open to any genre!

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