Friday, March 11, 2011

Attempt at being an Anime X Maid♥

So, like I've mentioned before, I'm applying to be an official maid for the maid cafe at AnimeX 2011. I already submitted the application, pictures, and video. Right now I'm wondering just how much competition I have and if I actually have a chance. I'm really excited that I even have a chance to be in this though.

The video requirement for the application was to dance the Hare Hare Yukai. I already knew how to dance it so I just had to practice a bit. So here's the video.

Please tell me what you think. Don't be afraid to be honest! Give me your worst~


  1. I like it but I hear a lot of static in the back round. Over all I think it's the best I've seen so far from anyone I've seen. ^-^ @mv6900

  2. Thank you! The static is from my sand filled messed up camera. It was all I had at my disposal. You don't think I'm too serious? That's other criticism I got.

  3. I don't think about it, ppl being serious to me is like talking to a wall. I can't tell If someone is serious or not so I just guess on it. ^-^

    Oh and I don't really judge ppl. ^-^