Thursday, March 17, 2011

HOMURA!~~~ D: Madoka episode 10! (Spoilers!)

Aghhhh~ So who else was totally blown away by episode 10 of Madoka!? I sure was. Before you knew something was screwy with Homura but now omigosh shes like a goddess now! The anime should be renamed
Puella Magi Homura Magica! Ahh and her braids were so moe~
Another thing that got me in this episode was Madoka's attitude throughout the whole thing. The first time when she is shown with Mami my jaw literally dropped. Her confidence, bobbing pink twin tails, and bouncy skirt as she killed a witch was fantastic!
Third thing that made me squiggle with joy was the revalation of how Homuras power works and her relationship with Madoka. The first time shes shown working with Mami and Madoka is just magical! She wobbles over on Mamis bridge and with a little squeak throws the bomb! Aghhhh! So cute! And then when she was gathering all her firearms I was practically keeling over with joy!
The two best characters! ;D
 I can sort of see how the anime is unfolding but it might take a totally unexpected turn that came out of nowhere. I cant wait to see whats next! My score for this ep is a good 4.8/5! :)


  1. loved the episode, the series is how magical girl anime is suposed to be i was going to pass this series until i saw some of the action scenes and left me wanting for more.

    waiting for next week's episode 11 ( damn earthquake delaying my madoka).

  2. @schiltzz I know! This series is amazing! And yeah >.> No Madoka 11 yet... damn.