Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"I'm a Girl, so I Must Get Free Things"

So, should girls be able to say this?

Personally, I hate this way of thinking. No woman should rely on a guy (boyfriend or not) to buy her things. I would even feel bad if the guy asked me out on a date and then offered to pay for me. Its like because I'm a woman, I'm somehow unable to pay for my food. It just makes me feel like some sort of little kid.

Some guy friends of mine were telling me today that they would feel bad NOT paying for a girl they asked out. And I thought back to experiences I have had with guys paying for me and dating and such and for the most part I always payed half the bill and sometimes payed for the other persons food. Girls are capable of doing things for themselves. We are not helpless. At least not most of us (likewise with guys).

Also today at today it was implied that because I had these values, I was not taking advantage of the fact that I was a girl. Apparently because I'm a girl with a hobby that is male dominated (Yu-Gi-Oh card game) I should try to take full advantage of my gender and "get free shit". Sometimes I do get treated nicer because of my gender but I did not ask for it. If you want, treat me with the same attitude you would treat a guy. I wont mind.
But yeah, girls aren't helpless, and we aren't here just to get guy's money.
One of my favorite cards.

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