Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture Me Broken

Well I always like to help to bring more into the light lesser known bands. Before I talked about the band Dazzle Vision and now I wanna talk about the band Picture Me Broken. In a way they are both similar because both the lead singers are female and use the screamo style although the singer from Dazzle Vision incorporates the screaming more into the song. And the most obvious reason is that Picture Me Broken is an American band! (Thought I wouldn't write about American music on this blog? Tsk tsk...) Well here they are:

So, they have one EP and one album out so obviously they still arent very known but I really like their sound. Layla (singer) is still a little bit inexperienced sounding but it brings a nice overal charm to the sound. Is it a case of 3D moe?? Maybe in my eyes it is.~ But anyways check them out if you like female vocalists, metal, or alternative music. Enjoy! :)


  1. Oooh. Sounds like BFMV with a girl.

  2. they sound real nice, i like the female vocalist! MOAR! followed.

  3. Yeah, she is really sexy ;D I'll keep writing about kick-ass female vocalists in the future.