Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Starting up a store? Help! :O

Some of you know that I'm good with making clothes and crafts. And Ive decided to start selling them. I've decided to sell purses and cute hats but I wanna do something for you guys too. I wanna know what I can do for the yugioh community. Would any of you think it is a good idea to make shoulder bags especially for deck boxes and binders?

I made a bag like this for a friend of mine and he really liked it. Here's a pic. It doesnt have any special compartments but I could put them in if I wanted.

 Haha now you TOO can play yugioh in style ;D haha. Any comments are appreciated. Good idea? Back off from the yugioh community entirely? Anything else I could make (nothings too difficult for meee~) Would you buy one? Thank you in advance~ :) ♥


  1. I like the idea... Then again I'd probably support anything you do lol. BTW I'd love a cute hat.

  2. Pretty durable. Store quality. ^-^