Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BAN LIST! OMFG Derp. -____-

Today what needs to be done became more clear to me. I went on Dueling Network and made a copy paste generic tengu plant deck just to use one at least once to gauge its power. OMFG its so stupid good -___- no wonder top 32 of everything is the same deck with one or two cards different. Almost everything is a topdeck and in many cases its easy to win. It kinda makes me sick .___.

So, with that said, I hate Reborn Tengu even more. At least semi-limit the thing!

Please, some one make the Hyper Librarian, Formula Synchron engine die. Please -____-

And maybe, just because its insta-death, kill the Trishula. Set that thing on fire.

Sangan: banned.

Trunade: Banned forever in the pits of hell.

That being said, I don't mind 3 MST's although that sounds mighty annoying....

Feel free to ignore my random rage/rant =D It happens quite often.

In other news, I will now strive to be a Dueling Network moderator. I know I have what it takes to I will be bothering other mods until someone listens to me ^____^~ hee hee~♥

So, I've joined the forums and I'm trying to make friends with all the nice people there. I even made a new avatar and signature in honor of my new membership. Here they are :')

If you'd like to be my friend or whatever my username is the same as the Dueling Network one: vanessahatake. If you actually read this whole post, thanks for listening! :D


  1. hi! Blogwalking... link me up as I link yours! ^^

  2. I understand the hate. I feel dirty whenever I use Tengu Plants or Six Samurai.

  3. You know something needs to be banned when you feel icky using it. -____-