Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Secret Dimensional Fissure♥♥♥♥ *w*

This is the best thing to happen ever :D The new Legendary Collection thingy is OMFGcndjofsdngoadg amazing. And the only reasons why are these: shiny Macro and SECRET Dfissure *wwww*~~~♥♥

I cant wait to use my ulti survivors with a secret d fissure. It seems like this will be magical friendship. ^___^ I'm really happy that the cost of a lot of popular cards are going down so that a lot of people can afford to play the decks that they want. And people like me who like certain cards can get them shiny-erererererer!

I guess its true.... all women... no matter how girly (or not girly) LOVE shiny sparkly things. And I am no exception.

I know I could have talked about common Thunderking or JD yada yada yada but the shininess of it all has just got me blinded ;D haha well yeah.... I'm excited! :O

So, to celebrate: I give you: Cute Stardust! xD


  1. I think I'm more excited about LC2 than anything else we're getting this year lol

  2. I like the cute stardust :)